Embrace Imperfection

One characteristic that I have noticed throughout the years about scrapbookers is their strive for perfection.  
I used to strive for perfection too at one point...it was about straight lines, symmetry, evenly stamped ink, etc.  However, I’ve definitely become more authentic over time and have let go of some of the pressures of making {perfect} creations.  
Art and perfect do not go together.  Art is about expression and feeling, nothing of which can be held to any kind of certain standard or norm.  I would encourage other crafters to get out of that perfection bubble and embrace the imperfections.


Sewing on Paper

  Sewing is another favorite hobby of mine, although I am no expert, I have fun trying to hack away at patterns.  I have admired the look of sewing on paper, whether it be on scrapbook layouts or cards for quite some time and it has been on my {scrapbook bucket list}.  

  I have been hesitant to use my good sewing machine, and have looked into some of the mini versions, but have yet to make a purchase.  

  I needed to make a {thinking of you} card that was bright & cheerful.  I chose some patterned paper strips to embellish with and was inspired to sew the pieces on for the aesthetic look of the stitches.  

  I practiced first on a spare piece of the same patterned paper and cardstock combination.  After reading various tips online, I used an older, duller small needle in my sewing machine.  I set the sewing machine settings to a wider stitch so that it would be more visible and actually attach the pieces as well.  I had the perfect matching color thread all ready set up on a bobbin, so it worked out nice.

  The thinner pieces I sewed on both edges on top of the other two pieces.  

  I adhered the ends of the thread to the back of the layer with my tape runner and just trimmed the excess paper down until it was flush with the edge of cardstock.  

  I love the finished look and will be doing this more frequently now!

Supplies: Stamps: Papertrey Ink {Everyday Button Bits}; Patterned Paper: Basic Grey {Romani}, Galloping Horse Productions {Pink Floral}; Cardstock: Papertrey Ink {Hawaiian Shores & White}; Felt: Papertrey Ink {Aqua Mist & Harvest Gold}, Wollfilz {Coral}; Thread: Gutermann


Free Printable Book Reviews

  Happy April Fool's Day!  Enjoy my Book Review forms to use for your own layouts or journaling! Click to save as:
  If you do a Book Review, link it to me in comments or send an email pelabau@yahoo.com link to your blog, so I can check it out.  
  And please these are for personal use only!


Hybrid Hobbies

Reading plays a significant role in my everyday life. When I am in the midst of a book I find myself to be much more in tune with my thoughts, feelings, words, expression, & creativity. I also think I am more effective to those around me, because when I have a few moments to get lost in a different story I think I am better at dealing with real life.
 For me, reading is an escape and a form of entertainment, as well as a way to learn, broaden my horizons, put myself in others’ shoes, and a way to improve vocabulary!
As a kid I enjoyed the Amelia Bedelia series (& can relate!), as well as Beverly Cleary & Shel Silverstein. As I got older I loved the Goosebumps series and Where the Red Fern Grows. I started reading more romance novels in my teens, which led me to Nicholas Sparks & Jodi Picoult. In the past few years I’ve found a love for fantasy and mystery with Charlaine Harris and JD Robb. I’ve also become a Twi-hard and now a fan of the Hunger Games series. I find I just want to know what all the fuss is about when people acclaim books.
With this love, I keep coming back to the idea of wanting to track and record my reading. Sometimes I comment on it in my personal journal, but I’ve wanted to incorporate it into my scrapbooking hobby as well. I decided I would write almost little *book reviews*, but not really literary reviews, as much as how I felt about the book and for what reasons. I thought about doing a separate smash book, but I decided I would like to slip these pages right into my chronological scrapbooks, so I chose a 6x12 format.
I’ve come up with a printable form (2 on 1 letter size page) to keep it easy and quick to record my book reviews and keep it current with my scrapping.
I drafted up four different “forms” that I can print in various colors, fonts & on different paper.  I refer to the forms in different categories: Basic Book review, Character Strong review, Book Series review and Movie Comparison review.  

For this layout, I chose the Twilight series and did a Book Series review. I didn't have all the books handy, so I used a photo from the net, but instax and instagram work great for this.
A while back I had purchased the DCWV stack entitled "Immortal love" that looks a lot like the covers of the Twilight book series. So I used some of those elements. This project is a fun way to use supplies you would not normally have use for and just over-embellish because you want to!

  I also incorporated some hidden journaling with a piece of cardstock attached with a brad that can slide out from the side of the layout.  Sometimes the feelings I have towards a book or the feelings it drums up for me are too personal to have available for any eyes to read.

  Finally, I stuck it into an American Crafts 6x12 page protector & can slide it into the appropriate time period in my chronological scrapbooks.  

  Thanks for checking it out, hope you can make up some Book Review layouts too!