New Year: 2013

I like to take one day at a time, so the fact that I'm getting around to a New Year's post on the 28th of January is just about right.  It was a busy holiday season, and not only was I plagued with illness, but so was my google account, so its just about now that I'm getting started.

A few things for right now & what's to come this year...

Last year's projects...Need to play a little catch-up, complete my December album, and go back to finishing my October mini album.  Hopefully a few crops in the near future will help with that task.

Currently enrolled in Susannah Conway's "Unraveling" e-course.  A new challenge in photos+stories, trying to peel back the layers a bit.  Enjoying the strong group of women over there, so impressive and inspiring.  Looking forward to keep up with a journal for that course.

Photographs...I haven't been shooting as much.  Just Iphone photography {i know, sad, & super jealous to see much better photos on android}  Flash class coming up, hopefully that will get the creative juices flowing again.

As last year, I want to commit to blogging more...I think I managed to get at least one entry a month last year, need to work on that...

One little word...doing this as always again...hopefully will have a project/post about my 2013 word soon....JUMP (you can read about this exercise on Ali E's blog here

Project Life...I've never done the actual every week style of PL, but I am trying a mini version for myself using the Simple Stories 6x8 size and this style of page protector.  Trying to focus on one or two photos per week and block of journaling.

Organization...I'm feeling like the way I re-organized my stash not long ago isn't working as well.  I need to purge and maybe re-design a bit to make it more workable.  Also think this has contributed to the less productivity lately...

A work-in-progress as usual!