12 on 12

One motivation for getting my blog finally up and running was a photo challenge posted by Elizabeth Kartchner (dear Lizzy).  Improving and learning more about photography is another thing I want to commit (OLW for 2012) to this year.  I have ambition to do photography as a living or maybe a part-time one eventually.  I feel like I have a good "eye", and composition, but the tech side gets me sometimes.  I'm really working hard to understand my Canon 60d, learn more about lighting and aperture.  

For my dozen photos they are a mix of iPhone/Instagram shots and shots with the 60d.  

From top left, clockwise:
~*new* DD turtle flavor iced coffee...yum-o
~dad putting up a new fence around yard
~cleaning up my scrap supplies from weekend crop
~my fav handmade embellie on an xmas LO (still need to add a middle...either a big brad or covered button...decisions)
~*new* wedges from ShoeDazzle (so ready for summer)
~Finishing Stieg Larsson's "The Girl Who Played with Fire"

Finally hung my homemade chalkboard...going for natural lighting, except I didn't have too much!  And a glimpse of my messy desk, with my snack stash...cannot operate without box of cheez-its within reach. 

First signs of spring...tulips.  Having unseasonably warm temps.
budding tree
Cars puzzle started w/nephew                        
my crazy old dog afraid of the tile floor

fabric: reminding me of projects-in-waiting

I prefer naturally lit photographs, even over-exposed better.  Sometimes inside it is hard to get the right lighting with window glare.  Like the contrast of the black dog against the white kitchen, but maybe ISO could have been less sensitive and need to work on getting her details to show better.

anyways...fun challenge with lotsa reminders ~ thanks dear Lizzy
check out dear Lizzy blog for 12 on 12

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