Photoperiodism: the mechanism by which many of our hardwood trees regulate their various life processes, including preparing for winter.

aka....the leaves change colors.  And ironically, this is the time of year I seem to go through my own photoperiodism.  The change of season always provokes a reflection and quest for change within me, as well as looking back on the entire year, and thinking of what's to come in the next one.

Right now...

i am loving organizing, fall cleaning, moving around scrapbook storage, adding some new items, layouts with one big picture & a few smaller ones, {really loving one big picture to tell a story} transparencies/vellum overlays, using song lyrics for journaling

i am wanting to catch up on a few unfinished summer layouts, keep up to date with what’s going on now and get ready for the holiday season

i am thinking about 2013, the possibilities, what my one little word will be, what new ventures a new year will bring

i am yearning for change, reinvention, metamorphosis {i like change}

i am working on a strategy for next year’s scrapbooking everyday things, mastering my manual photography techniques, improving time management {as always}

i am surprised by how i am getting better & quicker with my manual settings, how tall & grown-up my nephew is getting

i am trying to be thankful everyday, enjoy the little things, do more for the ones I love, be happy with everything i have right now in the moment and not worry to much about the rest

i am worrying about how I will get it all done!, people who I know are suffering or dealing with hard times, the state of our nation & its future

i am remembering fall seasons' past, reflecting on my life, loved ones who are far away or no longer here

Check out this post by Cathy Zielske Taking the crap out of scrapbooking --a motto I can relate to & something to think about.


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