...having too much fun!  Pic Above {From upper left, clockwise: Lobstahs from Maine ~ Billy Currington Concert ~ I Scream! ~ Sundays are for kickin' back ~ Beach wedding ~ Homemade root-beer floats}  
  And haven't had the focus to blog a lot.  It is a commitment that isn't always easy, but I am trying to stick with my OLW challenge for the year...which reminds me I need to do an updated layout about that.  
  Finally cleared some desk space...first time I've seen this in weeks.  I have a few down weeks to come, so hoping to catch up a bit and get ready before CKC in July!
  Been enjoying Ruche's {A Pin A Day in May} Contest...Check out my Pinterest Board...some unexpected inspiration from this challenge!

  Awesome spot on Sunday, baby robins waiting for Momma to feed them.  Enjoy working on my photography in the beautiful daylight.

  Currently enrolled in Ali Edward's 31 Things class at Big Picture Classes.  Something new & different to try, always love stepping outside my comfort zone a bit.  Will share when I finally get caught up!

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