Memory Planner - Project Life style

Scrapbooking the everyday is a practice I have been trying over the past year or so.  I am drawn towards a hybrid of Project Life-style scrapbooking (with divided page protectors), traditional and digital layouts.  

For 2013 I have tried to keep a weekly track of daily happenings. I am still trying to find a way that this system works for me.  I started off the year with the 6x8 format, I like the idea of not having a lot of slots to fill when I do not have a lot of pictures or content.  But as the seasons change & more events are scheduled, it's a question as to if I want to go to a larger format and how I want to incorporate my “regular” scrapping of events. 

No matter how the project evolves, one thing is for sure...it's easy to fall behind in printing out pictures and remembering everything that happened!  I use a Google doc to keep notes about the weeks, what happened, and the stories I want to tell.  But generally I am going back to it and filling in weeks past, so a lot of details are lost.  I live my life one-day-at-a-time, so the little happenings, the aha moments and the not-so-great moments are significant to me.  My environment always shapes my days and weeks as well.  So I wanted a more tangible place to keep everything.  I tend to take pics with my iphone and my dslr.  I use different storage cards.  So if I get a few weeks behind, I forget where it all is!  I’ll hear a song 5 times in one day and think "this is the song of the day", I should include lyrics in my scrapping.  But if I don't write it down I’m trying to remember “what song was that again?”  So my solution is a simple, fill-in-the-blank sheet planner.  I have tried mini notebooks, but they tend to be a hassle.  I find it way easier to be stuck carrying around a folded piece of regular old printer paper with me than anything else.  It can easily be moved from work bag to purse then filed onto desk with other project life stuff.  A big part of this too is sometimes the days don’t have a lot going on individually, but there may be an event or single theme that somehow represents the whole week.  This will help be a reminder and keep on track.  Also, I need to keep track of where the pics I take end up.  You could easily use this format electronically, but for me, creativity flows better with physical pen to paper.

If you would like to try my planner here is the link to a pdf version:

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